Introduction to Global College

What is college? When thinking about college people often think of a certain institution in a certain city, the mascot and what programs they are known for or what sport they excel in. When people ask me what college I attend and what Im studying, my answer is anything but usual. I am currently a Freshmen at ┬áLong Island University Global, studying Global Studies. While our school is based out of a traditional university, our program is radically different from traditional college. Over my four years in school I will be traveling all around the world, taking classes in many disciplines and looking directly at what is going on in the particular region we are in at the time. Right now I am in Costa Rica and will be for the remainder of freshman year. Over the following years I will be living in Spain, Italy, the Asia Pacific, Australia, Bali while exploring many other places. “The world is our classroom” is my schools motto. When thinking about my education I don’t think of a place, I think of experience. The idea behind LIU-Global is to let the students learn in a hands on environment, with some classroom education and some in the field work. Which all leads up to the first semester of our last year called our IRIS where we pick a country we have been to and work with an organization while working on beginning a thesis.

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